Immediate protection and a natural appearance

A unique mix of oils, waxes, resins and additives makes AKZENT LED-HARDWAX OIL a revolutionary special product in the wood surface treatment industry. The oil dries within seconds when exposed to LED light, allowing the work on site to be brought to a conclusion within a very short time. The wood surface is then immediately ready for use and is protected from dirt and moisture.

    Another advantage is the significantly richer and more intensive colour of the floor that can be achieved with AKZENT LED-HARDWAX OIL. Furthermore, the product offers up to 20 different colours, to suit every taste. Heavily trafficked areas in particular benefit from the excellent properties, such as wear resistance, which also allows project-specific use. The special LED drying method avoids the emission of harmful  substances such as ozone.

    The easy care and natural appearance of AKZENT LED-HARDWAX OIL and the possibility of repairing local damage in the wood surface make this product a reliable partner in the field of surface treatment. Protect, impregnate and enrich the appearance of your floor in no time at all with the new AKZENT LED-HARDWAX OIL, the perfect finish for your wood surfaces.

    • Protection

      highly wear-resistant

    • Immediate Utilisation

      oil dries immediately because of the LED technology

    • Energy-Efficiency

      60% less energy consumption

    • Environment

      no solvents / no ozone emissions

    • Durable LED technology

      Using LEDs with a lifespan of 25,000 hours

    • Safety

      minimal heat generation / VOC-free

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