AKZENT – Balm for wood

Balm for your wood flooring

AKZENT is high-quality protection for your wooden floor. Naturalness, variety and longevity characterise every single product in the AKZENT range. Whether we’re talking of varnish or oil, cleaning or care, initial treatment or refit – every AKZENT product is pure balm for wood.

Choosing parquet or a wood floor is opting for quality and value. Wood as a natural building material has stood for sustainability and durability for generations, combined with the inimitable warmth and charm that only wood can give to a room.

Naturalness also applies to the ingredients of AKZENT products. The conscious use of natural raw materials, water-based formulations and carefully selected raw materials make AKZENT products the right choice wherever naturalness, health and well-being are important to us. And they provide the best possible protection and long-lasting resistance.

AKZENT ensures your continued enjoyment of the floor and preserves its usability and value. No matter how and where the floor is used. With AKZENT surface treatment and the aftercare range, your floor is more than ready for any challenge that comes its way.

Our fields of application

Finish par excellence


AKZENT oils for treating wood and cork flooring add the finishing touch to the surface, with a silky sheen and a velvety finish. Our oils also give tables and work surfaces a natural protective layer. AKZENT oils do not contain lead or cobalt – another plus.

Meeting point, workplace, party room, home

And wood flooring that takes it all in its stride

The best parties take place in the kitchen! That‘s a well-known fact. In any case, the kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms. That means hard work for the parquet surface treatment.

Besides exposure to heavy duty use due to brisk footfall each day, varnishes and oils in this area also have to withstand moisture and grease.

This is where AKZENT‘s special-purpose products step in to afford reliable protection so the party can go on regardless.

AKZENT EASY PROTECT and AKZENT EASY CLEAN are for universal use, easy to apply and can be diluted with water.

Come in

Wherever you’re from, however many you are, whatever the weather

Many visitors, many feet. And otherwise, too, there’s always something going on in the entrance area. Your parquet floor must not be afraid of the rough and tumble! Dirt and dampness, even salt in winter, should not be allowed to harm it. After all, it’s the first thing you see when you arrive.

Stylishness and durability do not have to be mutually exclusive. With the hard-wearing products from AKZENT, your floor gets the protection it needs and still always shows itself from its best side. So let the visitors arrive.

Being close to nature is the best feeling

Especially when it’s at home

Why do we love nature so much? Because it‘s pure, honest and unadulterated. With a high-quality wood or parquet floor, we bring nature right into our homes. AKZENT oils ensure that it retains its naturalness but still benefits from lasting protection. AKZENT HARDWAXOIL or AKZENT OIL IN ONE are produced on the basis of plants and other natural oils and waxes.

These give your parquet, wood or cork flooring a velvety, permanently durable protection and a silky shine that brings out the natural structure of the wood. Treat your favourite floor to a refreshing treatment from time to time with the right care products, such as AKZENT EASY OIL PROTECT or AKZENT CARE OIL.

Give yourself the best feeling with nature in the home.

Your seal of security

AKZENT varnishes

Protect your wood flooring from wear and seal it with AKZENT waterborne varnishes. These accentuate the structure and colour of the wood in various ways and are available with various levels of gloss.

Business thrives on challenges

Your wood flooring is up to the job in any office

Business thrives on dynamism and flexibility. Where the action is, new potential and opportunities are constantly opening up. Wood flooring in commercial and public spaces provides an excellent base to work from – provided its surface is given the right treatment and protection.

Extra-resistant surface sealants such as AKZENT AQUA AURUM or AKZENT AQUA ARGENTUM have no problem with chair castors at workstations, heavy footfall in the corridors, chairs being scraped in conference rooms or the daily rush hour in the lobby.

Whether in offices, foyers or the cafeteria - with the right surface protection from AKZENT, your floor will support every decision.

Haute cuisine or a midday snack

You eat with your eyes

It’s not just how the food is presented but where you eat it that sets the scene for our senses. What do you mean? Well, wood, for instance, conveys warmth and comfort. Exactly the right thing to enjoy and feel good around. With the right surface treatment, parquet or wood strip flooring give a very special touch, even to heavily used areas, in restaurants, bars, cafés or hotel lobbies.

And thanks to a hard-wearing surface protection with AKZENT varnishes or oils, the floor still looks beautiful and well-kept even after a long time in use.

So what are you having?


Wooden floors for a stylish ambience

A parquet floor has always been part of the stylish ambience of prestigious rooms, whether in art or politics.

In public spaces, in particular, it is important to find the right mix of representative openness and a clear standpoint on the matter. The same is true for wooden flooring. AKZENT varnishes and oils remain resistant even under pressure and survive even turbulent times without so much as a serious scratch.

For a good base

AKZENT joint fillers´and primers

We have the right solution to every challenge relating to wooden floor priming. The AKZENT range includes ethanol-based or waterborne primers as well as oils that do the job of a primer. When filling joints, maximum filling power can be achieved with wood fillers from AKZENT.

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